Moving in Crip Queer Temporalities

20 February 2024

After a guided tour to the exhibition "Our Time is Out of Joint" artist Ana Linhares guides us through their diagram "Moving in Crip Queer Temporalities". In this activity, we will delve into the mythology and the perception of time, challenging chrononormativity’s linearity. Loosing ability, loosing control, loosing place, loosing pace, loosing time. Mourning the body and mind. Moving through notions of physical and neuro divergence, we question what it means to be disabled, what is worth treating or what is meant to be taken care of. Resting as a radical act of care; self-care as an act of resistance against a world whose time is out of joint. Can safe spaces be created in those hours left at the margins of the normal? We will be seeking possibilities of transgression for the unfit bodies.