JustMad Residency

Genalguacil - Spain

Tutorial guidance by Asier Mendizabal

Artists: Ana Linhares; Azahara Cerezo; Eloy Arribas; Hernâni Reis Baptista

Performative approach to space
References to Romantic Painting

Fiction and landscape

Surveillance images
Google Maps

Performance exercises - Vimeo link

During the residency program, the work developed was focused on perceiving the surrounding area, it’s geographic position and characteristics of the territory.
The village showed signs of desertification and isolation alongside with nature’s presence and magnitude.

Through the reading of R. Callois in ‘The Writing of Stones’, my interests turned mostly to the interpretation of stones commonly found in the area, a kind of Peridodite.

My work gathered performative approaches to the landscape, sound recordings, image experimentation and manipulation, exploration of new media and surveillance, also the capacity of working and shifting information. Working with possible fictions.
I consider that I am quite drawn to image and its intrinsic potential, the possibility of finding fictions and constructing narratives.