On Constellations: Reading through the Gaps

[research publication]

This publication is a detailed research work featuring the ongoing process between writing, design, studio and exhibition practice developed on the ongoing project ‘On Constellations’ (2017-2020) started at the Master in Fine Arts & Design program at HKU. The gathering of material (images, previous works, previous texts, diagrams, new references, writings and constructions) meet on the writing and design structure and build each other. The research, methodologies and practice, therefore, intertwine in the making of this document. The design became, in part, an example of my montage methodology and performative approach to the objects. Along with this book, there is a detailed concept diagram, the work titled ‘How to take care of marginalized stories?’.

On Constellations: Reading through the Gaps, 2019, Research Publication, Digital print on paper, carton, acrylic and fabric, 25x18,5x2,3 cm.